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LeanPath & Google

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Business Overview: SaaS based company with the goal to eliminate avoidable food waste within institutions and food service industry

Role: Customer Success Manager


MISSION: TO Help the Google Food Program take control of food waste, to reduce its environmental impact and make the world a better place.  

We accomplish this through:

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We make it easy for staff to track all food waste with our industry leading smart meters.

Smart Analytics & Coaching

We provide insight so Chefs can manage what is measured via operational changes and shifts in behaviors.

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Strategic Projects

We uncover areas for innovation that require deeper exploration and aspirational primary research.

As the Customer Success Manager for our client, Google,  I was in charge of customer relationship retention and optimization.  It was my goal to make them as successful as possible in using our product and to move the needle on reducing food waste.  In two years I helped the company avoid 2 million pounds of food waste.


  • Built relationships and provided program support to 120+ stakeholders spanning 12 countries within a corporate employee food program. Stakeholders included Global Directors; Regional Managers; Vendor Partner Chefs, Managers and Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders.

  • Key approaches included sustainable behavior & cultural change, operational changes, utilizing data for decision making, spearheading strategic projects and communicating best practices

Trainer & Onboarding Support

  • Provided on-site and virtual training to racially and culturally diverse Chefs and kitchen staff at over 50 sites globally, unifying teams towards the common goal of tracking and subsequently reducing food waste

Communications & Value Added

  • Generated quarterly reports using data driven storytelling to communicate analytical findings and actionable insights to corporate leaders

  • Assisted in developing primary research projects aimed to increase opportunities for upstream waste prevention and sales expansion

  • Advised on the development of corporate KPIs aimed to establish success criteria amongst all cafes, which allowed for improved monitoring of customer health and targeted coaching

  • Liaison for quarterly vendor partner reviews

  • Developed wireframe and content for private food waste prevention website portal to support Chefs and Vendor Partner efforts

  • Developed company Guide to Creating a Culture of Food Waste Prevention

  • Designed and analyzed quantitative and qualitative surveys

  • Developed an employee manual for LeanPath@Google program